How to regulate an over-active sex drive- A quick guide.

What is libido? Libido  simply means the desire for sexual activities .

Just like every individual is different, libido also varies from person to person

Does increase in Libido pose a serious threat?

A lot of people struggle with sexual drive that is more than normal that does not only impact  their relationship with their partner but also affect their day to day activities.

Some people find it hard to concentrate on their work and remain stressful throughout the day, some even have a huge impact on their mental health. Increase in sexual desire is normal but if it happens frequently then it can be a problem.

Factors affecting sexual drive-

It can happen due to various of reasons, but the most common ones  are-

  1. Drug usage : A lot of people in their day to day life take drugs in the form of medicine or recreation and it is normal to have side effects that result in hormonal imbalance.
  2. Mental illness: People often neglect what they cant see but mental illness can have a great impact on your sexual desire, many people goes through a lot of things in past that might make their health miserable and affect their hormones and subsequently their sex drive.
  3. Nutrition: Nutrition plays an important role in an individual’s behavior and health ,sometimes due to lack of proper nutrition results in hormonal imbalance
  4. Exercise: Staying idle all the day and not moving the body much can affect your sex drive negatively.

How to cure it

  1. Eating habits: many studies have claimed that not having a balanced diet results in sexual imbalance.
  2. Get yourself busy: It has been seen that individuals with busy schedule can have decrease in libido
  3. Soothing activities: Involve yourself in some therapeutic activities to give relaxation to your mind and body
  4. Therapy: If you feel you need some external help from someone who understand and guide, you try contacting a good therapist.
  5. Yoga and herbs: Curing it naturally by practicing yoga and including herbs can also help you in this
  6. Medicines: If the issue is serious and it isn’t getting solved by natural way, then the last resort in medication 

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