Ways you can avoid having a painful period.

Period cramps affect women worldwide ranging from mild to severe. You have probably cancelled plans or it has affected your workday, or you just wanted to curl up in bed all day. Worry not, PinGa has got you to make your period days an easier sail!

Here are PinGa’s top 5 easy, realistic and feasible solutions for your period cramps.

Soak Yourself in a Warm Bath.

A warm shower or bath goes a long way to provide you with some relief from your menstrual cramps. If you are opting for a shower, pour some warm water on your stomach, back, or wherever you are experiencing cramps to relieve that area. A warm bath not only helps in relieving your cramps but also makes you feel rejuvenated on a gloomy day of your period.

Skip the Caffeinated Drink.

During periods you might feel low on energy and a warm cup of coffee might seem like a viable option to pump you up to get ahead with your day. But do not be deceived, caffeine can make your blood vessels narrow causing pain during the blood flow. Moreover, it can also be inflammatory and causes bloating. So instead, a glass of fresh warm water with lime can boost your energy as an alternative to your morning cup of coffee.

Pro tip- try logging in your daily mood in the PinGa app so you can be better prepared when you are expecting a low grumpy day.

Sip on Warm Herbal Teas Warm herbal teas such as chamomile tea or non-caffeinated Green Tea.

It has plenty of anti-inflammatory elements and antioxidants that can reduce your cramps. So lean back and sip on your favourite warm herbal tea.

Cut Back on That sugar During the time of periods.

You might be craving for or all you want to is to sit on your couch eating from a big tub of creamy ice cream while Netflix and chilling. This is all that your heart wants, but it is definitely not what your body needs. Sugar causes inflammation in your body worsening your period cramps. If you have high sweet cravings, it is a better option to indulge in fruits instead. A bowl of fruits rich in water content such as watermelon and cucumber would do you great. So maybe do Netflix and chill but with a bowl of fruits or a glass of your favourite smoothie next time.

Moderate Physical Activity Can Go a Great Way!

As Dua Lipa sang, “Let’s Get Physical”! This can be applied during your period as well. It is presumed that physical activity has to be completely refrained from during your period. On the contrary, mild physical activity can actually ease your blood flow and cramps, the key is moderation. Try getting some light exercises, such as walking and yoga. There are so many great yoga poses such as Child’s pose, Butterfly pose, and so on that can relieve your cramps and ease your blood flow. Moreover, yoga can also be a great solution for better hormonal activity and pain relief in the long term.

Another way to get some physical activity during your period is by involving your partner! Yes, you guessed it! Studies show that sexual intercourse can reduce pain as it increases endorphins. If you can’t move much, try some mild stretching options right in your bed. Period cramps can sometimes be symptoms of diseases such as PCOD, endometriosis, etc. If your pain persists or is severe, consult your doctor. Track your symptoms regularly with the PinGa apps to better predict your mood and pain levels during the days of the period. PinGa would be your best buddy that will guide you during the time of your monthly visitors.

Connect with our help experts to guide you better. . If you feel like you have any of these symptoms please don’t panic and contact your doctor, (not google). For more information about your period health & to self- assess yourself, download the Pinga App.

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