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Reasons for low libido in women

There is no “normal” frequency when it comes to sex, however, it is common for women to witness a decline in their sex drive, particularly as they age.

Libido, your sexual energy or sexual desire is influenced by a lot of factors. Biological factors like estrogen and testosterone levels, psychological factors like stress levels and mental health or even social factors like your upbringing and support of a peer-group can cause a low or high libido.

A common cause of low sex drive in women is natural hormonal changes. Transitioning to menopause causes a drop in the estrogen level which in turn causes loss of libido and vaginal dryness, naturally leading to a lower sex drive. Child birth, breastfeeding and the fatigue and stress that comes with it can also lead to a reduced sexual desire.

Your health and mental wellbeing could also be the reason behind a low sex drive. When your anxieties get the better of you, sex wouldn’t be on your mind. Even consumption of birth control pills or antidepressants can lower the level of testosterone, which are the hormones that drive your sexual desires. The highs and lows of your sexual desire could also coincide with the major changes in your life like the end of a relationship, lack of emotional satisfaction, job stress or peer pressure.

So how do you fix a low libido?

You can incorporate some lifestyle changes to improve your libido.

Regular exercise and proper sleep can reduce stress levels and increase your libido.

Practicing meditation and other stress-relieving techniques are also advised.

Cutting down on alcohol consumption and smoking can also help.

Additionally, if your medication is interfering with your desire to have sex, you can switch to a new medication after consulting your doctor.

A lot of times, emotional closeness makes your time in bed a lot more intimate so you might want to check up on your romantic relationship to improve your sexual relationship. Communication is key. Experiments in bed like trying different positions, role plays or sex toys can spice up your sex life and improve your libido.

If your libido still remains extremely low and is affecting your daily life, you might want to consult a doctor. For more information about your period health & to self- assess yourself, download the Pinga App.

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