5 reasons you need to get your hands all over yourself- guiltlessly!

Since time immemorial, women have used their fingers, a sex toy or the trusty water jet to stimulate themselves. Some might like to engage in nipple play. There is no wrong way to do it. Every woman is different and only she can work out what feels best for her.

When a woman masturbates, she may reach maximum arousal and have a life-altering orgasm. An orgasm is a reflex which is usually accompanied by pleasurable feelings and lots of endorphin release. For women, this can range from quite gentle contractions of the vagina, to extremely intense whole body contractions. Both are extremely pleasurable sensations. Women have the ability to have multiple (or many) orgasms, one after the other. So, if a girl experiences orgasm during masturbation, it’s possible to experience another one soon after (if she continues to masturbate). Other girls find their clitoris is too sensitive after orgasm, and it may be too overwhelming to touch it again.

But Maturbation can be the most incredible, safe and natural way to- feel good and offer numerous other physiological benefits. Here are a few. Apart from being the most incredible, safe and natural way to- feel good, masturbation can offer numerous other benefits. Here are a few.

1) It strengthens your brain’s pathways There are pleasure pathways in the brain that are strengthened by masturbation. SImply thinking about pleasing yourself can strengthen those pathways.

2) It can help improve your sex life with a partner. Knowing what feels good to you is important. It’ll save your partner from all the trial and error.

3) Masturbating can help awaken a sleeping libido. Let’s go back to the concept of pleasure pathways—the more you walk down them on your own, the more you deepen those paths, making it easier to find them when you’re with a partner.

4) Masturbation can help you destress Genital stimulation—lowers the stress hormone- cortisol and heightens the good hormones, triggering a satisfying rush and release feeling.

5) Masturbation is great for your brain! Research shows widespread brain activity during stimulation, which means that your brain is getting more oxygen. Which is great for heightened cognitive functioning.

Masturbation, when done within limits, can be an excellent way to be patient with your body, and practice self love, it can also help to get in touch with yourself (quite literally). Bottom line: Do whatever makes you feel good — and enjoy every minute of it, the benefits should be incentive enough! For your other health, sexual and wellness needs, download Pinga to know & track your health!

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