To Bra or not to Bra – That is the question!

Best bras for breast health

To bra or not to bra- that is the question.

As we all emerge into the world after the lockdowns, we are faced with the million dollar question – Do I need to wear a bra and be ‘presentable’ now? A lot of people have become one with their pajamas and the shock of a chokehold on your bust probably doesn’t sound all too appealing. But let’s look at how (or if at all) bras can affect one’s breast health, or even health in general, and which bra is best for your breast health.

Truth is, there hasn’t been any extensive or concrete medical information which tells us about how exactly wearing a bra affects our breast health. Freeing the nipple does not actually help you prevent breast cancer, and wearing a bra doesn’t actually make your breasts less saggy. These are all the myths that we have learnt to live with. But does that mean that wearing or not wearing a bra is immaterial to our health? Not quite so. While there is no significant impact on the breasts, wearing a bra can have other repercussions.

When it comes to bras it’s all about FIT FIT FIT! An ill-fitting bra can be a curse, while a properly fitted bra can be a blessing. A bra which supports and fits you well can provide benefits like for instance, mitigating back pain as the weight of your bust gets distributed and there is less pressure on your back muscles. If you’re a D cup, chances are that one of your breasts weight about a kilo and puts a lot of strain on your entire frame, since breasts do not have any bone structure to support them. Wearing a well-fitted bra can help ease this pressure on your back. Focus on the material which supports the back in your bra, and not just the straps which hold up the weight.

Also, there’s just something super-empowering to put on clothes which make you feel good, and bras are no different. Putting on a sexy lacy bra can make you feel like a tigress, ready to conquer both the bedroom and the boardroom. Which brings us to the next most important aspects of bras – the material.

A pretty lacy bra of bad quality will result in rashes and sweating and irritation – all in all, affecting your breasts and body adversely. The material which you opt for in your bras is super important and should be guided by your skin type and your geographical locations. It is a personalized choice, and while some people prefer the functionality of a sports bra, others want something lacier. Either ways, never compromise on quality. Most importantly, you wear the bra, the bra doesn’t wear you. So find one that fits you well, and not try to make your body suffer to fit into a bra. Or just ditch the bra altogether, if that’s your thing. Just make sure to work on core-strengthening exercises to help ease the pressure on your back, particularly if you are well-endowed in the bust area (translation: You have gorgeous full breasts). Bottom line, no, bras have no actual effect on your breast health – neither pros nor cons. It’s a matter of comfort and choice.

Whatever you might decide – you are beautiful and brilliant! For more information about your breast health & to self- assess them, download the Pinga App.

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