Hacks to prevent stress and be at your very best!

Exhausted and feel overwhelmed with the littlest of tasks? You might be experiencing the infamous- burnout. Know how to keep a burnout at bay, so you can ensure that the wheels of your life are always well-greased.

But what exactly is “stress”?
Stress is the body’s response to a challenge or demand and everyone experiences it. The stress response includes physical symptoms such as an increased heart rate, blood pressure, intrusive thoughts and personal beliefs about the stressful event, and emotions. Although we often think of it as being negative, stress can also come from positive changes in your life, like getting a promotion at work or having a new experience.

How can you handle stress in healthy ways?

Stress serves a vital purpose—it enables you to respond to threats and avoid danger. However, prolonged exposure to stress may lead to mental health difficulties (for example, anxiety and depression) or increased health issues. A large body of research suggests that increased stress levels interfere with your ability to deal with physical illness. While no one can avoid stress, you can handle it in healthy ways.

Here are some tools of effective stress management:

Deep breathe before you speak or react.

Go for a short walk, it’ll give you time to think.

Pray and meditate everyday.

If it’s not urgent, sleep on it, respond later.

Break down big problems into small chunks. Take one step at a time.

Turn on some relaxing music.

Pet a dog or talk to a loved one.

Work out or dance. Physical activity is a great antidote for stress.

Eat less sugary foods.

Do not abuse caffeine.

Remember, the key is to find what works for you and make it a practice, to keep things in perspective and not let negative self-talk aggravate your stress. We all have bad days, they’re needed so we can appreciate good days. You just need to find healthy ways to cope and you will be amazed at how quickly you may start to feel better once you disrupt the cycle of stress and find habits that ground you.For your other health and wellness needs, download Pinga to know & track your health!