Suffer from hormonal imbalance? Try these natural supplements for happy hormone regulation!

Hormones are chemicals released from every gland of our body. They travel via blood and act on every mechanism in our body. Be it your mood, sleep, digestion, concentration, stress levels, or healthy body weight management. The happy hormones are known to impact and regulate our happiness, pleasure, and positive feelings. However an imbalance can take your emotions on a bumpy ride!

 The 4 hormone ‘Hs’ (Happy chaps) are  Dopamine, the “feel good” hormone, Endorphins (natural pain relievers) , Oxytocin, the “love hormone” and Serotonin (also a neurotransmitter). We will talk about some of the food and supplements that can bring a balance in your hormones.

The following foods not only balance your hormones but also pump more feel-good hormones like Endorphins. The foods are Yoghurts, beans, eggs, meat with low fat content, and almonds can foster dopamine release. Food rich in tryptophan like canned tuna, wholesome food like oats, nuts and seeds, cheese and whole milk are great sources  to foster serotonin. Foods rich in probiotics like yoghurt, kimchi, sauerkraut can release these good hormones. Supplements like green tea, probiotics, tryptophan and tyrosine are a great set of things to consume and kick in the good hormone feeling.